Po’ Boys




Cajun Fried Chicken Po’ Boy 17

Diced fried chicken thigh, spiced mayonnaise, coleslaw, pickled peppers

Pan Tossed Prawn Po’ Boy 18

Prawns pan grilled in holy trinity, mayonnaise, water cress, maque choux

Grilled Beef Po’ Boy 17.5

Sliced steak seasoned in creole spice, green tomato relish, water cress, seeded mayonnaise, pickled onions

Pulled Pork Po’ Boy 17

Pork shoulder slow cooked in low country bbq sauce with coleslaw and creole mayonnaise





Undecided to what to have? Leave it with Chef


29.50 Per Person (Minimum of 2 People)

3 of the sharing

1 of the Mains

1 side


If additional People add $29.50

‘+1 sharing, 1 main & side’

Please let us know about your dietary requirements.




Hush Puppies 5.5 (V*)

Corn meal batter balls deep friend and served with low country BBQ sauce

House Pickles 9 (V*)

Selection of in house pickles served with crusty bread

Craklin’ Shaker Bag 14.5 (GF*)

Twice cooked crispy pork pieces with crackl’n spice served in a shaker bag

Corned Beef Hash Cakes Red Capsicum Ketchup 15.5

Corned beef, scallions and potato cakes, crumbed and friend served with red capsicum ketchup

Sweet Potato Fritters 10.5 (CVG*)

Sweet potato, cranberry and almond fritters, pan friend and served with watercress and ranch dressing

Cajun Fried Chicken 14

Chicken winglets in buttermilk batter tossed in hot sauce served with pickles on white bread

Pulled Pork Croquettes 12

Pork Shoulder slow cooked in low country bbq sauce, crumbed and served with creole mayonnaise

Fried Pickles 12 (GF*)

Cornmeal fried butter pickles with ranch dressing

Chilli Con Carne 16

Southwestern style chilli con carne, ground beef, fresh chilli, red beans





Cajun Blackened Fish 21 (GF*)

Pan grilled fish fillet coated in cajun spices, served with coleslaw, water cress and maque choux

Shellfish Bisque 28 (GF*)

Crawlfish bisque, lobster, prawn and sautéed trinity served in the shell with rice and spring onions

Jambalaya 14 (GF*) (CVG*)

Holy trinity pan tossed through rice and black-eyed beans

add on

Chicken thigh 3

Andouille sausage 4

Crispy pork belly 4

Fish 3

Prawns 5

Gumbo 15 (CVG*)

Sweet corn and holy trinity cooked slowly in a rich dark roux spiced with cajun seasoning

add on

Chicken thigh 3

Andouille sausage 4

Crispy pork belly 4

Fish 3

Prawns 5


A Little Bit More ….



Collard Greens 9.5 (V*)

Tuscan cabbage, Kale and onions sautéed slowly in vegetable stock


bacon dice $2

Fries 9.5 (V*)

Chunky cut pomme frites, creole mayonnaise and green tomato relish

Mac n Cheese 9 (V*)

Cheesy béchamel sauce made from jalapeno Monterey Jack with macoroni elbows topped with breadcrumbs and gratinated

House Slaw 8

House made coleslaw, dressed with ranch dressing

Corn Bread & Maple Butter 3.5 (V*)

Individual corn bread baked daily served with maple butter


Dessert Room



Beignets 13.5

Bite sized doughnuts dusted in cinnamon sugar, chocolate sauce

Lemon Meringue Pie 15

Lemon curd, meringue, pie crumb, chantilly cream, berries, coulis

Pecan Pie 15

Pecan pie with chantilly cream, vanilla bean ice-cream and salted caramel sauce

Cheese Plate

Today’s cheese, served with satsuma and cranberry, apple and wafers

Single 13.5

Two Cheeses 18

Three Cheeses 24

Gippsland Tarago Briee

Milawa Blue

Warranambool Cheddar




Hours of Operation

4:00Pm – 11:00pm

12:00pm – LATE


(bookings more than 8 please call or email the venue)

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